Aseem Sharma


ASIIPC, PSA Gold Grade, PSG Gold Grade

Head Of The Department - Camera And Lighting Techniques

- Director, Camera Art Institute

- Vice President, India International Photographic Council

- Chairman, Nature & Wildlife Workshops Division, IIPC

- Associate Editor, IIPC Photographic Journal

Aseem Sharma is a Photographer and Artist by profession, Wildlife & Landscape Photographer by passion and an also an avid traveler. He has travelled extensively throughout India and abroad. His background as an artist and his knowledge of

Photographic Art has helped people discover their creative potential, by learning to

see the details that can turn a picture into a worthwhile image. He has worked in

different genres of photography ranging from Studio work to Food n Advertising photography, Nature & Wildlife Photography, Pictorial Photography, Travel and




Aseem Sharma is a confident and dedicated photographer with experience in both professional and freelance photography. Holds nearly 20 years of Professional working

and 14 years of Teaching experience with great variety in order to tackle any photography

job quickly and effectively. He is intimately familiar with taking high quality Analogue and Digital photographs. He hails from a family of Artists and Photographers of International repute.  His main interest is in Pictorial, Nature, Wildlife, Landscape, Travel and Food Photography.  



He has won over 95 Awards and over 280 certificates on National and International level.

Till date He has participated in over 400 National & International Photographic Exhibitions,

Salons & Competitions Worldwide. He has achieved over 2900 Acceptances in National

and International salons. He has been conferred with Fellowships & Associateships from various photographic bodies from India and Abroad. Along with photography he has also done interior designing work.



He has an experience in different genres of photography with Strong aesthetic sense

and knowledge of multiple camera technologies.

•      He has edited & managed projects including: Professional Programs & Corporate  


•      He has Provided a creative input on projects (Design Format & Layout).

       Also collaborated with designers for photo shoots.


•      Administered Catalogue Designing & Business brochures for various offices .

•      He provides consultation to each client (corporate or individual) on creating the most

       appropriate style, mood and expression to meet or elevate their expectations from

       each shoot.


•       Responsible for photography, layout and graphic design of many business brochures

        of Reputed Business Houses.


•      Created layouts using original work and photography for Book Jacket Covers.

​He maintains commitment and utilizes his photography skills to create high quality images.


At Present Aseem Sharma heads one of India’s Reputed Photography Institute located in

New Delhi known as  Camera Art Institute, He is also the Vice President and Chairman of

Nature & Wildlife Workshops Division  of India International Photographic Council.

He has conducted over 42 successful Photography Workshops in India, Sri Lanka, Africa and Nepal. Most of the workshops have been held at best of locations.



Passed out from Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi

Certificate and Diploma in Photography

Degree in Film Making & Cinematography from Asian Academy of Film & Television

Associateships & Fellowships (Honors)

LIIPC - Licentiateship of India International Photographic Council Awarded in 2004

AIIPC - Associateship of India International Photographic Council Awarded in 2007

Hon FPSG – Honorary Fellowship of Pakistan Salon Group awarded in 2011

FIIPC - Fellowship of India International Photographic Council awarded in 2015

ASIIPC - Associateship for longtime and outstanding services in the field of Photography – 2018

Hon FSAP - Honorary Fellowship of Sigma Academy of Photography – January 2019


Few Exhibitor Grades & Medals

First Award – In Nature Category, All India Contest by INTACH - 1996

1 Gold & 2 Silver Medals were awarded for Best Wildlife & Best Pictorial picture – Minnesotta Print Circuit (USA)  1998

BBC Wildlife Contest Second Award – 2001

PSA Gold Medal for Best Entrant – Wildlife Section 2001

PSA Gold Exhibitor Grade Awarded in 2002

PSG Silver Star Exhibitor Grade Awarded in 2003

PSG Gold Star Exhibitor Grade Awarded in 2005

Platinum grade by IIPC was conferred– 2005

James Cartner Gold medal  for best Nature picture – 2006

IIPC Diamond Exhibitors Grade Awarded in 2008

IIPC Uranium Grade Awarded in 2010

National Photography Award at Photo Festival, University of Tumkur – Karnataka in 2015


Current Memberships:

Life Member -  India International Photographic Council (IIPC)

Member – Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain (RPS)

Member – Photographic Society of America (PSA)

Member – Australian Photographic Society

Member – Cinematographers Association

Member – Bombay Natural History Society

And more…..

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