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National Centre of Performing Arts,

Nariman Point, Mumbai

Photography has advanced, leap and bound over the years and it has become part of our day to day life.  

To make our Indian Photography rich and off International standards, We need professional institutes like Camera Art  Institute which is located at Triveni in New Delhi.

Over the years not only they have advanced but have made a huge contribution to the Photography Industry.


I wish them all the best.

Mukesh Parpiani



Past President

Photographic Society of America

I have known O.P. Sharma Hon PSA for about 25 years and have learned about his photographic work and greatly respect his influence on photography in India, and beyond.


He is a gifted and award winning portrait photographer who also has a unique eye for detail and patterns in pictorial photography. It is interesting that he was greatly influenced by the great Canadian portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh

(who once was once the Canadian Representative for the Photographic Society of America).


As I recall it was due to O.P.’s efforts that the 19th. of  August is now celebrated as World Photography Day. He was also the leading influence in the formation of the Camera Art Institute.


He is one of only a very few members

of the Photographic Society of America who was honored with one of its highest awards the “Honorary PSA”. He was also awarded the prestigious PSA Stuyvesant Peabody Award. O.P. was also the PSA International Representative for PSA in India for many years. He is simply an amazing individual…

When I think of Indian Photography, I immediately think of O.P. Sharma.


Fred Greene,


Past President

Photographic Society of America


Fashion Photographer

Alumnus Camera Art Institute

O.P. Sir - A man who introduced me to the fundamental tenets of photography. He was a very thoughtful, erudite mind with set of high personal moral values and followed by the rebellious attitude towards society .

He's always believed in presenting a unique idea and taught us to believe that, which has helped us to grow in life. I can't explain in words how great an influence OP Sir has been in my life.


He has gifted me the power to believe in to capture the moment which we call photography. OP Sir taught me how to hold a camera. And since then I've held the camera and have never let it go.


Many people have come up to me and admired that I hold the camera like a Master, this thought has always overwhelmed me .


It's not about finding your voice ,it's about giving yourself permission to use your voice and create your own opportunities which has been engraved by Mr . O P  Sharma in my life. 

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