Patrons & Alumni

Many legendary personalities from the field of photography and artists are among patrons and supporters of

Camera Art Institute. They have been associated with the institute since long.

Names of some of them are mentioned below :

  • Yousuf Karsh

  • Wellington Lee

  • Kanwal Krishna

  • Devyani Krishna

  • Sundari K Shridharani

  • Fritz Garbur

  • Norman Rothschild

  • Erick Hosking

  • Peter Gowland

  • Michel Langford

  • MF Hussain

  • Paul. D. Yarrow

  • DeWitt Bishop

  • Victor Blackman

  • Istavan Toth

  • Bill Cardan

  • R Shevlev

  • A. L. Syed (India)

  • T. F. Geti (India)

  • R. R. Bhardwaj (India)

  • T. Kasinath (India)

  • Datta Khopkar (India)

  • K. G. Maheshwari (India)

  • N. Sundar Raj (India)

  • P. N. Mehra (India)

  • Aftab Ahmed Khan (Pakistan)

  • Subroto Ray (India)

  • Joseph. K. S. Tan (Singapore) Overseas Member of Advisory Board

  • Sami – Ur – Rehman (Pakistan) Overseas Member of Advisory Board

  • Syed Nayyer Reza (Pakistan)

  • Gul. H. Gulrajani (India)

  • Javaid. Kazi (Pakistan)


Few other important honorary members who have been associated with Institute:

  • Smt. Sheila Dikshit – Hon’ble Ex Chief Minister NCT of Delhi

  • Dr. Karan Singh –  Politician and Scholar.

  • Shri. S. P. Bakshi – Ex Principal, Modern School Barakhamba Rd

  • Prof. M. Vijayamohan – Principal – College of Art, New Delhi

  • Smt. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra – Politician



All those named below have excelled in their fields and have passed out  From Camera Art Institute


  • Ashok Talwar Film (Director / Producer)

  • Satish Tomar (Interior Designer and Photographer)

  • Avinash Aggarwal (Photography Professional)

  • Amitabh Bhattacharya (Photography Professional, Faculty at Apex Photography School)

  • Subhash Vashisht (Advertizing & Photography Professional)

  • Prasanna Jain (Documentary Film Maker)

  • Suvo Das (Fashion Photographer)

  • T. Narayan (Photo Journalist, Hindustan Times)

  • Aseem Sharma (Wildlife & Travel Photographer)

  • Hemant. J. Khandelwal  - (Fashion Photographer)

  • Priyanka Gandhi Vadra – (Politician)

  • Sandeep Saxena (Photojournalist, The Hindu)

  • Hemshankar Pathak (Director – Indore Photography Academy)

  • Shilpi Sharma – (Wildlife photographer / Film Maker)

  • R. Basu – (Lighting Expert for television and movies)

  • Nikhil Vyas –  (Photographer / Script Writer for Bollywood Films and Television)

  • Jeetendra Ramprakash  (Chief – Sadho Foundation)

  • Pankaj Mehta (H.O.D. Camera Dept – IBN 7)

  • Sourabh Bhatia (Fashion Photographer)

  • Devendra K Dhankar – (Chief of the Dept of Photography – Border Security Force)





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